A rent to buy agreement is essentially an agreement between the buyer and seller, whereby the buyer, for whatever reason, isn´t in the current position to buy the object at this moment but intends to buy the object in the future. For the buyer this is advantageous as it gives them the option to use the object and secure it as it is his own. 

A rent to buy agreement, also known as rent with option to buy, is where the renter will rent the object, and partial if not all rent paid, is deducted from the final purchase cost of the object. So if you rent to buy a scooter, you will not be the lawfull owner until you have paid all the rental periods. 

When signing a rent to buy-agreement you will have to pay a deposit. If, at the end of the term, you buy the scooter, the deposit will be used to pay the final payment. If you decide not to buy the scooter you will loose the deposit while you still have to pay the final payment.  In our Lease a scooter to Buy-agreement you pay 10% of the purchase price including IVA  as a security deposit, so the Lessor can use it to prepare the scooter for selling to another.

If you want to terminate the agreement during the term you loose the deposit and you will have to pay all costs for preparing the scooter to bring it in the right state for reselling of rerenting it.  For some unforseen circumstances we have a leniency-condition. This means that we take back the scooter and pay back the deposit only if:

a)  It is a unforseen circumstance to the reasonable judgement of the owner.

b)  The scooter is in more or less perfect state. This to be judged by the owner.

c)  At least 50% of the monthly payments have to be paid,

d)  The lessee or its successors will have to give us notice in writing.


It is possible to trade your scooter in for a new or bigger one under the following conditions:

a) The purchase price of the scooter you want to buy is higher than that of the one you have

b) At least 50% of the monthly payments have to be paid.

c) The scooter has no signifocant damage (to judge by the owner)


The term of our  Lease to Buy a scooter-agreement is 24, 36 or 48 month. You choose whats fits the best for your budget.



You want to buy a Scooter with our Lease to Buy your scooter-concept. The scooter has a purchase price of € 2.000 including IVA. You will have to pay a deposit of 10% or 200 €. Based on a term of 48 month the monthly paymant will be 45 € or 2.25% of the purchaseprice including IVA. The last payment will be 200 € which is the same amount as the deposit we will return you.

You can easily calculate your deposit and monthly payment yourself:

Purchaseprice incl IVA Deposit (10%) 24 mnd (4,25%) 36 mnd (3%) 48 mnd (2,25%)
2.000 € 200 € 85 € 60 € 45 €
3.000 € 300 € 127,50 € 90 € 67,50 €
4.000 € 400 € 170 € 120 € 90 €